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We are the premier legal translation company for Israel-related and international matters, providing exceptional quality and unparalleled service to top-tier law firms throughout Israel, the United States and Europe.

Lawyers applaud us because we pay as much attention to every word in a document as they do. They value us because we frequently do the impossible – delivering lengthy and urgent translations within very short time frames.

Legal translations are almost always time sensitive. Our team of specialized translators and editors is located across multiple time zones, which assures faster delivery.


We provide optimal translation quality, rapid service and cost-effective solutions. With over 25 years of experience in legal translation, we make sure that you receive exactly what you need – when you need it.


Our translators are all highly qualified legal translators who are true subject area specialists.

Our translators work exclusively into their native languages.
 We provide you with translations that have been meticulously edited, formatted and proofread, in a strict post-translation quality process.

Above all, we deliver outstanding translations of lengthy and complex legal documents in very short periods of time. We leverage global time differences to provide you with faster deliveries.